Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Featured Artist: Ten Foot Polecats

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It’s better to own up and move on. Setting the record straight so you can concentrate on how to fess up, Ten Foot Polecats stand firm on ‘I Get Blamed For Everything I Do’. They stake a claim and grind into gear. The three pieces create a tribal ripple early on with “Chicken Headed Man” and pound heart on a sleeve into submission with “So Good to Me”. Big beats hint at big wins with “Scratch Ticket” but it’s those late night confessions (“I’m Going Crazy”, “Bar Hoppin’”, “Tears on My Windshield”) where these guys step up and lay it out. Ten Foot Polecats keep it greasy with their roots in North Mississippi Hill Country bending punk blues into musical form.

The Boston-based band found a home in Austin’s Hillgrass Bluebilly Records. The label name and the sound here are kindred spirits. When the blues woke up and plugged in, Ten Foot Polecats captured the sound and funneled through their amps. As a label, Hillgrass Bluebilly promotes rebirth of passion, conviction and instrumentation, an equality of sound and skill that isn’t trying to sell you anything and just bringing truth in music as it goes back to its roots. I can see why Ten Foot Polecats get that blame thing out of the way early. It’s easy to own this album, guilty.

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