Sunday, October 30, 2011

Change is Gonna Come

Hello Friends, Fans & Dirtyfoots,

We have hosted many events in Austin, since our arrival in 2007. We announced in 2010, that we'd be searching for a way of doing things that would better suit our endeavors & presentation. On Veteran's Day, Friday November 11, 2011 at the Austin Moose Lodge 1735, we present: "Searching For Guy Clarks Kitchen - Tour 2011" featuring Tom VandenAvond, who was nominated for "Best. Alt. Country Album of 2011" at the Independent Music Awards for his latest release "You Oughta Know Me By Now" & Willy Tea Taylor who has been called one of the best songwriters & deliverers of this generation. Yes, they are singer/songwriters.... but I can tell you that NOBODY can put them in that box.

On to the Moose Lodge... Like I said, we have hosted many events since 2007, Scoot Inn, Emo's (inside & out), Jovita's, Ruta Maya, The Oaks, Beerland and of course, Hole in the Wall. Hillgrass Bluebilly "Entertainment" released statements for almost 2 years that we would be looking to host our events, on a national level, at local VFW's, Moose Lodges, Italian-American Halls/Banquet Halls, Country Clubs, Barns, and the like. I feel these places/communities have been on a rapid decline since I was a young boy and was taken to the Tomball VFW, being a part of all the holiday happenins, dances, concerts and run around the property, behind the stage, in the offices and meeting rooms I wasnt supposed to be in, behind the bar, all up in the kitchen, runnin and slidin ' across the sawdust dance floor, playin' pool for the 1st time, Bingo night.... late 70's early 80's... it was a beautiful time. Shit, everyone knew the barber, the dude at the hardware store, grocery store, the local plumbers, AC guys.. the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers ..even the owner at 7-11 ... you'd see em all at the V.F.W.

Thanks for allowing me to paint a picture of the community I was privileged to be a part of. I have been looking for a place that resembles things like that this.... I would like to think the Dirtyfoot Family would like to have things like that. Loyalty, follow-through, respect, a foundation to build on... a place we can be a part of, and contribute to when we can.... ACTUALLY be a part of y'all.. a place for our kids a lot of the time, our grandparents and all of us. Places like this STILL exist folks, but barely.... they are on there last leg. They need our help, and we want to give it to them. I believe we all need to embrace a lot of things that are in place and within reach, and we can start right here at the Austin Moose Lodge, when it comes time for you to spend an evening with our time tested and approved of, successful events.... successful to the soul 1st, the bar last mind you. At the end of the day, I am Loyal Order of the Moose, and my wife, is Woman of the Moose, and hopefully a lot of you Dirtyfoots will soon join us down at the Moose, and embrace our contribution/idea/endeavor for a revival of "lost America", for our friends and family to have a place of our own. A place that IMPROVES & BUILDS FOR US as we bring them beautiful, exceptional music that you just flat out cant get anywhere else.

We will host Possessed by Paul James at the Austin Moose Lodge in Mid-December for the Hillgrass Bluebilly Happy Holidays Hoe-Down. Konrad Wert (Possessed by Paul James) took home "Best Alt. Country Album of the Year" at the 2011 Independent Music Awards this year for his latest release "Feed the Family" on Hillgrass Bluebilly "Records". He was also nominated for "Best Americana Album of the Year - 2011", which was won by Pokey LaFarge. Konrad was also one the best, if not the best performance at this years Muddy Roots Music Festival outside Nashville, TN, which also included Wanda Jackson & Don Maddox. We will say goodbye to 2011 in tribute to Possessed by Paul James, who is currently recording his next release, due out on Hillgrass Bluebilly Records in earlyish 2012.

We will also host the 5th Annual Hillgrass Bluebilly X(not)SXSW Showcase at the Moose in March 2012., the Muddy Roots Festival, has teamed up with us to present a HUGE 2 day "SAVING (country music) DEEP (blues) MUDDY (roots) HILLGRASS (bluebilly) XSXSW FEST" (more to be announced on soon). We are very proud to make the connection and call the Austin Moose Lodge our new home in Austin, TX. The Moose has reached out to folks in the past, but we will open up shop for the Moose and start booking folks who we see deemed fit at the Moose Lodge in our efforts to revive "lost America" and prove once again... that you never know where a song might take you! We need your help y'all... can't make a difference... without you!

Thanks a lot, Keith M. / HB

Veteran's Day

Friday 11/11/11Austin Moose Lodge

2103 E.M. Franklin Ave.

Austin, TX 78723