Sunday, July 8, 2012

What's up in July 2012 at Hillgrass Bluebilly?

How goes it Dirtyfoots? We have been busy here at headquarters, and would like to catch y'all up on a few thangs. First off, we signed up to Pinterest, where we have quite a few different boards started up like "Dirtyfoots", where we showcase different Dirtyfoots around the world in Hillgrass Bluebilly gear. Other boards include "The Extra Mile", where we will showcase folks who go that extra mile and "Real Deal, Nothing Less" which showcases anybody who we think is the real deal and "Music We Love" which showcases all kindsa folks, not just the Hillgrass Bluebilly roster.

James "Slim" Hand is just about finished up with his new record, due out soon on Hillgrass Bluebilly Records. We believe the new all original release will be titled "Mighty Lonesome Man", produced by Deborah Perry and co-produced by team Hillgrass Bluebilly. The album features an all-star line-up of folks like Will Indian, Speedy Sparks, former Weary Boys Cary Ozanian and Darren Sluyter, Beth Crissman, Alvin Crow, Bobby Flores, Gary Carpenter, grammy award winning Cindy Cashdollar and more! Chris Burns at Burns Audio in Austin, TX has been the recording / mixing engineer  and it will soon be sent off to our mastering guru, Mike Vizcarra, at the Cove in Laurel Pass, California. We will be releasing "Mighty Lonesome Man" on CD and Vinyl! This will be the 1st Vinyl release for James Hand and Hillgrass Bluebilly Records. Up next for James Hand is a Gospel album, to be released on Hillgrass Bluebilly Records. We will announce a release date and presales link to the website in few weeks for "Mighty Lonesome Man".

This Thursday in Austin, Texas, Hillgrass Bluebilly will feature a Country Music Showcase at Antone's. A local legend, Cade Callahan gets things started off at 9PM, followed by Hellbound Glory, then The Boomswagglers. It is a CD release party for the Boomswagglers and the CD comes with an emergency fishing kit. We could tell ya all about it, but the folks over at Saving Country Music (.com), did a few bang-up write-ups on the boys and you can check it out by clicking that link.

Possessed by Paul James got home successfully, after 2 week tour with his family and 2 dogs and VooDoo Rhythm label-mate, Delaney Davidson. We heard there were a couple van breakdowns after his tour to Deep Blues Festival, but we heard the van problems were easy fixes. We heard it was a successful tour and some good connections made. RestavRant is also due home anyday from their tour to Deep Blues Festival and back, I heard there were some great shows on that tour, after an almost rough start. We suggest youTubin' "Deep Blues Festival" and watchin' any of the videos that pop-up. Ten Foot Polecats are doin' some shows with Molly Gene - One Woman Band, soon.

Muddy Roots Festival is approaching FAST! Last night, founder Keith, and his wife Erika, got their round-trip plane tickets and compact rental car on priceline for a total of $722.21. We hope y'all take the Muddy Roots Festival as a serious thing... you should know why you should be there, or know you need to be there, but dont know exactly why. Either way, your gut and mind should be tellin you to make plans to be at this festival... Ralph Stanley, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Possessed by Paul James, Hooten Hallers, RestavRant, Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band, Lone Wolf, James Hand, Wayne Hancock and MANY MANY more! Holy Moly! Oh yeah, they even have air conditioned bunk houses for a $150 a night thats RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF ALL THE ACTION!

...and on a final note... if your routing allows French Lake, Minnesota in travels or vacations.. Weber's Deck has officially announced open season at the Deck. Look into it, if ya haven't already.


Thanks again folks....